17 Nov2020

Public Schools Workshops

Public Schools Workshops

Author: Hepca

HEPCA in collaboration with The Department of Environmental Affairs started an awareness campaign in public schools of Hurghada about the Red Sea marine Environment protection and conservation methods, targeting students of normal and vocational schools of different age groups in accordance to HEPCA educational programs for schools.

Thie workshop today was in Al-Shabab school, where we gave a workshop on the Red Sea Eco system and how to preserve it, Solid Waste Management and benefits of it, the negative effects of plastic on the environment, and ways to reuse/recycle it.

Finally, as a support from HEPCA to the civil society in the banning of single use plastic bags, we distributed heavy duty shopping bags as a replacement for plastic bags, and inside them were educational books and leaflets for students about the marine environment.

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