19 Sep2020

World Ocean Day Clean-ups

World Ocean Day Clean-ups

Author: Hepca

As part of the World Clean-up Day celebrations this month, HEPCA & PADI Pros - Middle East participated in a #DiveAgainstDebris operation in Hurghda with an Underwater clean-up campaign done by 17 volunteered professional divers in the Red Sea.

We successfully managed to collect 1.5 tons of garbage debris, .25 of which is rubber (Tires), and the rest is plastic, metal, and clothes that have been discharged from boats!

For this reason, we really urge boat crews to get rid of their waste on land to be able to protect our beloved sea.

Many thanks for our partners in this initiative PADI Pros - Middle East and Project AWARE.

We would like to also thank Captain Mohammed Adel - PADI Course Director and his team for their great efforts, thanks also to Pro Master Diving Club for providing the needed diving gear and boat.

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