10 Apr2021

Saving sea turtles!!

Saving sea turtles!!

Author: Hepca

On Abu Ramad, A man rescues any sea turtle that is stranded and finds it hard to come again to the coast. The reporter says that Qebary is regularly doing this action, which wasn’t the first time to do so. 

From our side, we would like to send applause to people who are taking any action to save our wildlife. 

Also, it would be great to highlight that we should carry out individual actions such as: 

  • reducing marine debris, 

  • participating in beach cleanups, 

  • using reusable bags and bottles, 

  • and keeping turtle nesting sites safe.


Finally, HEPCA encourages everyone to take good care of the Red sea and help us on the Red sea watch program to record violations and spot good actions that could help us apply for the community-based environmental monitoring programs in the long term. 


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