01 Mar2021

Increasing turtle species exploitation in the Red sea!

Increasing turtle species exploitation in the Red sea!

Author: Hepca

There are two dead turtles with no carapace we found in different places in Hurghada, these bullets show the news report statement: 

  • In the past few days, we received a report about a dead marine turtle on one of Hurghada's beaches. The dead turtle was found with no carapace, and it's the second time to find a turtle with no carapace in a month.

  • A marine turtle founded with a fractured brain, the carapace is removed and torn tail near Sachawa Abu Galawa. It could be a captive bolt or fishing gear that affects it and cause rapid unconsciousness and death through the destruction of the brain.

Summarizing what happened in the first of 2021, there’s an attack on marine turtles where they found with removed carapace and this signifies that we should highlight the laws and regulations that Egypt has signed on. As per the Environmental agreements that Egypt signed and national laws that state article 28 at 1984 "hunting, killing or catching wildlife animals to sell or move or transform is prohibited and the fine is ranging from 5000 to 50000 LE or confinement. 


HEPCA calls out to make a formal investigation regarding this matter with the ministry of environment, a marine protected area in the Red sea, and scientific bodies. To ensure taking proper actions and build a conservation plan related to this matter.

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