29 Jun2021

STOP Catch and release

STOP Catch and release

Author: Mariam Elsadek

Can we use the catch and release as a sustainable way for recreational fisheries?

There’s a brand new trend for recreational fishing activities known as catch and release along the Red Sea coast and many promotional campaigns are aiding this part and support this action. As our main concern is conservation and caring for the Red sea, we raise a red flag to stop this action, As catch and release action will affect fishes in those terms:

- Increasing the chance of mortality

- Behavioral changes: fishes become more vulnerable to predation.

- Physiological changes: happened because fishes are coming into gears

This activity happened with some of the fishes that live in the Red sea especially the benthic ones as groupers, emperor fishes, and snappers. As when got on the catch status their air bladder will be affected due to the pressure difference and then they will lose the ability to swim and live normally again.

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