11 May2022

Entangled dolphins in the Red Sea

Entangled dolphins in the Red Sea

Author: Nader Gebril



Approaching dolphins need to be done through experts and a BIG team not just a one man show. Mind you, harassing entangled dolphins only makes it harder for the actual experts to do their work, as every failed trial to catch them, makes the dolphins too shy for experts to approach them, thus eventually giving them the help they actually need. 


We are happy that people care for the environment and the natural resources of the Red Sea as much as us but please be advised sometimes taking matters into your hands is not the way to go, to be taken with a grain of salt.  




Dolphins and other wildlife can go through what is called a Capture Myopathy, so if anyone without suitable expertise can put them through the danger of dying out of stress, literally!


Saving one dolphin is a great deal but removing the cause of their demise is even greater deal, aka long line fishing at night where they start feeding and take advantage of the fish on the fishing lines.


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