22 May2022

Angling and commercial fishing activities in the Red Sea

Angling and commercial fishing activities in the Red Sea

Author: Nader Gebril

Neglected fishing lines suffocate the biodiversity in the Red Sea! 

Bad fishing practices create issues for management and conservation in the Red Sea as bycatch, pollution, habitat impacts, biodiversity loss etc…

Ghost nets in the Red Sea are one of the most hazardous wastes affecting marine life. The sturdy plastic monofilament line is rarly seen and possibly taken for granted by marine animals, which later results in entanglement loops that become a "death trap" or a " noose" around the turtles, dolphins, coral polyps, fish or even birds vital organs. Due to the sturdiness of the plastic lines, that were once used for the same reason to bear the weights and the drag force during fishing, they remain intact indefinitely and possibly cause death to the Red Sea charismatic marine life. 

A mistake is so costly to rectify. And definitely a preventable action, with patroling and proper communication of the message through the governing bodies.


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