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13 Jun2020


World Ocean Day Clean-ups

As part of our regular clean-up campaigns for public beaches and Islands in the Red Sea, and in celebration of World ocean day, HEPCA conducted two clean-up operations in Hurghada & Marsa Alam. The first clean-up took place at Felfela Public beach in Hurghada with the help of approximately 70 volunteers who managed to collect about 400 Kilograms of plastic debris from the beach. Many thanks to all the volunteers for their magnificent efforts in this event, without you we couldn't make it :) The second clean-up operation was done by HEPCA's Solid Waste team in Marsa Alam for Awlad Baraka Public beach (Tondoba Bay) K14 south of Marsa Alam, where we managed to collect a good amount of Solid Waste debris from the beach.

06 Jun2020


Removing of a large oil stain in Marsa Alam

Upon receiving a report from the staff of Shagra Touristic Village in Marsa that there is an oil gathering in the area between Shagra and Habiba Villages at the kilo 20 north of Marsa Alam City, HEPCA's team checked the site to discover an Oil pollution stain 300 meters long and 1 meters wide on the beach estimated 6 to 8 cubic meters, from an unknown source may be caused by a leak from commercial boat engines near the coast area or clean-up of oil tanks of a boat in the nearby area. Both teams of HEPCA and Shagra Village cooperated in demolishing the stain and were able to completely remove this pollution. HEPCA's team is inspecting the coast line along South Red Sea to see if there are remains for this pollution. We would like to thank the management & staff of Shagra Village for their usual support for the environmental conservation & protection.  

08 Apr2020


Clean Reefs campaign

Inline with HEPCA's initiative "Clean Reefs" to apply underwater clean-up campaign and maintenance for all diving spots in Hurghada, our moorings team visited several locations like Fanous, Fanadir south & north, Hamda, Banana Reef and Eshta. The underwater clean-up team successfully removed good amount of wires, fishing nets, ropes, and plastic bags, in addition to checking all moorings conditions and maintain it. Worth mentioning that all safety measures were applied, 3 divers only were on each boat, all surfaces were disinfected before and after the trip, and all diving gears were personal.

29 Feb2020


Red Sea Moorings maintenance

In continuation of HEPCA's efforts in protecting the Red Sea corals, HEPCA's mooring team visited some diving spots in Brothers Island, Safaga, and Hurghada to check and maintain the mooring system in those areas as part of its annual maintenance report. Total number of moorings checked is 94, maintenance was applied to 52, reinstallation to 22, and add 7 new moorings in the following locations; big and small Brothers Island, Bagol, Shehr, Abo Kefan, Middle Reef, Panorama, and Abo Ramada. HEPCA calls upon all boat crews to adhere to the existing mooring system and not tie their boats directly on corals, and please help us by reporting any violations you see.

29 Feb2020


PM visit to HEPCA's Solid Waste Management Plant

Honored to welcome Dr. Mostafa Madbouly - Prime Minister in his tour for the first Solid Waste Management Plant built in Hurghada, accompanied by Khaled El-Anany, the minister of tourism and antiquities, Hisham Tawfiq, the minister of public enterprise, the Governor of the Red Sea Amr Hanafi, and key officials. Managing Director of HEPCA – Hesham Mostafa Kamel gave a brief about the operating cycle of the plant, then went on a tour to inspect the plant that is built on 22,500 square meters with a daily production capacity of up to 400 tons, operated by 500 employee, and built with state-of-the-art technologies brought in from Germany and the Netherlands to dispose garbage after recycling solid waste. Madbouly praised the role of HEPCA in serving the community with this plant that will be owned to the Red Sea governorate afterwards, highlighting the important role played by NGOs to serve society, and at the same time optimize the use of waste and preserve the environment.   

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