01 Dec2011

Samadai cuts a dashing figure

Samadai cuts a dashing figure


As regular happenings since last April, our RSDP Team has conducted its monthly surveys in Samadai Reef. With the four sightings recorded this month the dataset is becoming larger and larger, to an extent that in a few months first comparative analysis between the situation recorded in 2006 and in 2011 will be possible: a preliminary assessment of the population will be made for the very first time after the institution of the protected area. Some figures from the last monitoring: four encounters in five days, small groups ranging from 10 to 30 animals, pods composed by females and calves mainly. And some astonishing figures: one newborn spotted in two occasions, an unusual event as the presence of newborns is known to peak in July and August. And 294, the number of guests and visitors briefed by HEPCA researchers during their permanence in Samadai. The team would like to thank Red Sea Diving Safari in Marsa Nakari for the support as well as all crews and dive centres that contributed to make all this happen once again. See you next month!

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