11 Oct2008

Exclusive HAYAH reef clean-up safaris

Exclusive HAYAH reef clean-up safaris


In continuing support of HEPCA and the marine environment, blue o two is dedicating one of its vessels to hosting HAYAH reef clean-up safaris throughout January 2009. HAYAH is HEPCA’s most ambitious environmental project yet, aiming to involve all sections of the Red Sea community to work towards raising awareness, education and responsibility and active participation. Amr Ali, Managing Director of HEPCA said: "There is a little chance for conservation and protection agencies to achieve anything without the support and consciousness of their stakeholders. HEPCA is amazed by the continuous support of blue o two and their considerable contribution to our efforts to help preserve the Red Sea. As the sense of responsibility grows bigger amongst divers and travellers, soon we will see the day when the main factor in choosing a diving or tour operator will be the social responsibility of that operator towards the community, nature and the globe." blue o two run these trips at subsidised prices in an attempt to make ecotourism more accessible to the masses. "Everyone should be able to afford to help!" commented blue o two company director Jason Strickland. HAYAH safaris visit identified 'problem reefs' in the Northern Red Sea where clean-ups will take place. There will also be evening seminars on reef conservation conducted by blue o two’s in-house marine biologist and dive guide Elke Bojanowski. Guests will experience a week of stunning Red Sea liveaboard diving with the added value of giving something back to the marine environment that they love.Visit www.blueotwo.com for more details.

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