29 Nov2016

Statement released by HEPCA in collaboration with the Egyptian Navy

Statement released by HEPCA in collaboration with the Egyptian Navy


Statement released by the Hurghada Environmental Protection & conservation Association (HEPCA) in collaboration with the Egyptian Navy During the past few days, we received reports regarding shark fishing violations that took place in the Brothers Island area. HEPCA contacted the Egyptian Navy directly in light of their continuous and permanent role in the protection of our Marine resources& Environment, as our natural resources are sanctities that should be kept safe. Accordingly, we hereby announce that the Egyptian Navy cautioned &urged all authorities in the vicinity of the island and diving boats working around the Island, to adhere to the rules and laws of the country with special emphasis on the shark fishing law to ensure that such violations do not happen again. Incase of any non-compliance with these instructions or legal infringements, Legal action will be taken against those parties involved and deterring penalties will be applied such as impounding of any boats or equipment utilized during these violations. Additionally, the Egyptian Navy has activated its patrols around all the Red Sea Islands to prevent the re-occurrence of such incidents. We express our thanks to everyone who contributes in reporting such violations as it enables HEPCA and any relevant authorities to perform our duties to (our/the) Red Sea Environment.

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