01 Dec2016

HEPCA in Ras Gharib

HEPCA in Ras Gharib


Because times of crisis are the best times to gather us and make us stand together one hand. The HEPCA solid waste management team have interfered to assist and help in opening and clearing the roads of the city of Ras Gharib after the last floods crisis. In the following lines we will give an overview of the main efforts and results of our campaigns in Ras Gharib. - HEPCA sent its advanced equipment and vehicles from the solid waste management fleet to assist in re- opening of roads. (compactors, sweeper, loader and hook lift) with a working effort of 112 working hours. - HEPCA cleaning staff worked during the campaign on two daily shifts with a working effort of 1680 working hours. The main results of the campaign are the assistance in re-opening of many streets in the city and the re-opening of Ras Gharib check point. HEPCA would like to thank all the governmental and non-governmental efforts that was done to help the people of Ras Gharib.

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