28 Dec2016

Mooring Team December Report

Mooring Team December Report


During the period of 12th of December till the 22nd of December 2016, HEPCA's Mooring Unit visited the areas of Safaga and Hurghada as part of the regular mooring maintenance plan conducted by HEPCA. The team inspected 51 moorings, maintained 36 moorings and installed 7 new. Following are the visited sites for Maintenance and installation: Soma Bay - maintenance 8 moorings White Topia - maintenance 3 moorings+ 5 moorings installation Red Topia -maintenance 2 moorings + 2moorings installation ben el gibal - maintenance 3 moorings . Erg el taweel - maintenance 4 mooring. fanous - maintenance 4 mooring. Abu Ramada North - maintenance 1 mooring Abu Ramada west - maintenance 3 moorings Abu Ramada south - maintenance 2 moorings. kamool al kabeer - maintenance 2 moorings. kamool al Sagheer - maintenance 2 moorings. Topia Sagheir - maintenance 2 moorings Topia - maintenance 3 moorings. The inspection, maintenance and installation of the moorings were conducted by The boats: HEPCA 1, HEPCA 3 and Soma bay For more information, inquiries or complains please contact us at mooring@hepca.org or feel free to call us at +20 65 344 5035 we will keep you posted with more news about the Red Sea's mooring system, stay tuned. We will keep mooring

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