24 Jul2018

Magawish Island Cleanup

Magawish Island Cleanup


HEPCA would like to acknowledge all the volunteers and helpers for their active participation in the conservation and protection of this valuable habitat. by participating in our Magawish Island Cleanup.

Due to the currents, tidal flow and location of Magawish Island it acts like a filter for the flotsam and jetsam that has found its way into our Red Sea waters either accidentally or more frequently as a result of carelessness and ignorance.

It cannot be allowed to remain on and around the island posing a serious threat to marine and bird life. HEPCA is therefore organising a shore-based clean-up of the island and invited Hurghada’s residents with their family, friends and visitors to join.

Special thanks to the Egyptian Marine Parks Department, Red Sea Governorate, Marriott Hurghada, Hard Rock Cafe Hurghada, Sahl Hashish for Touristic Investment, Blue Oceans Diving Centre, James and Mac Diving Centre.


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