03 Dec2018

HEPCA and Deutsche Schule Hurghada implement 'No Plastic' Campaign

HEPCA and Deutsche Schule Hurghada implement 'No Plastic' Campaign


HEPCA and Deutsche Schule Hurghada took the initiative to implement the “No Plastic” campaign for Red Sea language schools’ students to create awareness about the danger of Plastic on the Red Sea Eco system.
The lecture first started by giving information about the Red Sea Eco system, followed by the damages occurred in the past years from using “Plastic” on marine life that is affecting all sea creates and consequently affecting all human beings, then gave the solution of using alternative organic materials to protect the environment. 
The “No Plastic” awareness campaign is for the duration of one week for all students of the following schools; French School, Saint Josef, Saint Rise, and our partner in this initiative The Deutsche Schule Hurghada. 
The “No plastic” campaign will continue for other schools in the coming weeks to create awareness on more target audience.

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