04 Dec2018

Temporary Closure of Brother Islands

Temporary Closure of Brother Islands


Important announcement about the closure of Brother Islands.

Regarding closure of brother Islands, HEPCA was informed by the closure decree of the Brother Islands, based on official request by National Parks. To make it clear for everyone, the closure is not to hide a planned crime scene for sharks or to investigate the reasons for the unusual change in shark behavior noticed recently, simply because the case is very obvious: the practices of some safari Boats operating in the areas are not any more tolerant by nature. Overuse of the diving reefs and bad practices are not just restricted to the Brother Islands but it mostly everywhere, and the only way to mitigate the current impact is to follow simple rules that was announced thousands times before and is in the bylaw that all boats have it on board

As we are certain and also after consultation with Shark Project organization, the situation is not only in Brothers but it is every where, and the only solution for timebeing as short term plan is to stop the unsustainable practices like fishing, feeding and disposal of organic material.

Here are some do’s and dont’s for the safety of divers in the water and we urge everyone to follow the following in every dive sites :

  • Enjoy the unique chance to dive with predators
  • Always follow the instructions of your Dive Guides.
  • Never feed a shark or chum with fish, fish-blood or organic waste. This creates a dangerous situation due to possibly irritated senses, competition or conditioning.

Keep in mind that there is always the risk of an accident, especially if you do not follow the rules:

  • Do not show fear, but be respectful
  • Avoid quick movements, even when sharks come very close
  • Stay in an upright position and avoid uncontrolled quick kicks
  • Keep your hands close to your body
  • Stay close to your group, sharks investigate individual divers more intensively
  • Always keep eye-contact with sharks investigating you close - they come back soon
  • Be aware that sharks like to approach from the back 
  • Overlook the whole situation (3D!) - buddys can even do it better together
  • Know where all the sharks are (especially when filming or taking pictures) - any time you feel uncomfortable leave the water controlled together with your buddy
  • Never touch a shark or molest it, try to keep a distance of minimum two body lengths
  • If a shark gets very close push water against it (or a camera, Shark Stick etc.) - as soon as a shark touches you, stay calm and keep your eyes on the shark, leave the water
  • still keep an eye on the whole situation when ascending and getting back on the boat
  • If you find out that there is food or bait in the water (this could be from a different group, organic waste from a boat or natural prey)
  • Warn your dive guide and the other divers and leave the water
  • Never touch the bait or get close to it
  • Never be in the chum line (sharks normally approach against the current)

Report to HEPCA with pictures/Videos if you have.

Again ; Feeding, fishing or harpooning is strictly forbidden by Law and strict legal actions will be taken against violators 

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