13 Jul2019

Minister of Environment visit HEPCA’s Solid Waste Plant

Minister of Environment visit HEPCA’s Solid Waste Plant


Dr. Yasmin Fuad, Environment Minister, visited HEPCA’s Solid Waste Management Plant as part of her plan to inspect the solid waste management system in Hurghada.

Dr. Yasmin took a tour in the plant and listened to an explanation from HEPCA’s Solid Waste Team about the different sections and the advanced technology used in the factory.

Nonetheless, the meeting with the minister was also to discuss HEPCA’s request to support the organic waste to be used as an alternative fuel in cement plants as well as the recycling of plastic and aluminum.

H.E. The Minister visited Dahar Vegetable market and distributed some heavy bags as an alternative to light plastic bags. The Minister was keen to listen to the opinions of Hurghada residents and explained to them the reason behind it , and also supported the decision of H.E. General Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, Governor of Red Sea to ban single use plastic in the Red Sea.


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