01 Sep2019

Fairouz beach clean-up campaign

Fairouz beach clean-up campaign


After receiving several requests to arrange a clean-up in Fairouz Public beach, HEPCA acted accordingly and organized a thorough clean-up for the beach with the aid of 55 volunteers from the LOTUS Scholarship to collect approximately 1 ton of plastic debris from the beach.

HEPCA also gave a lecture about the dangers of single use plastic on the marine/terrestrial life and the human health, then gave examples to alternative solutions and replacements.

The LOTUS students were in Hurghada on a “Helwa ya Baladi” trip to learn more about the culture and diversity of their country and to engage in community service.

Thank you, Dunes Egypt, for organizing this trip for the community service activities.

#HEPCA #RedSea #BeachCleanUp  #SayNoToPlastic

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