24 Feb2019

HEPCA & Shark Project

HEPCA & Shark Project "Train the Trainer" collaboration


HEPCA in cooperation with SHARKPROJECT organization started the first step of raising awareness of Dive Guides working on Safari trips by initiating the (Train The Trainer) workshop conducted on Board of Amr Ali Red Sea Defender for 10 Dive Instructors as a first phase, then the trained dive instructors will be qualified to develop a series of workshops to train all dive guides in the Red Sea.

The core of the training (Theoretical and practical) is built on :
a- Shark behavior
b- Safe diving with sharks and the code of conduct
c- General best practices of operating trips

The training was from the 18th to the 21st of February 2019, for the following objectives;
1) Raise the environmental awareness, performance and capabilities of the boat crews and dive guides to interact properly and safely with sharks
2) Create certification system for liveaboard boat crews and dive guides operating on the far islands such as Brother Islands
3) Establish a list of penalties for violators
4) Establish a thorough investigation on shark behavior and population in the areas of the far Islands, especially Brother Islands.

HEPCA would like to thank all the participants who shared their knowledge and experience and added to the success of the workshop;

Ahmed Safwat
Alaa Hemdan
Joussef Hakim
Maradona Moneer
Mostafa Bakr
Mostafa Yassin
Talaat Makram
Rezekei Adel
Medhat Eltabeiy

HEPCA would like to thank all the teams for their participation in the clean-up campaign of Brothers Island after the workshop.

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