24 Feb2022

US diplomats visiting HEPCA's activities in the Southern Red Sea

US diplomats visiting HEPCA's activities in the Southern Red Sea


It has been an absolute honor and pleasure to have US Mr.Ambassador Jonathan Cohen and the director of the American Agency of International Development Mission Leslie Reed visiting HEPCA’s activities in the Southern Red Sea. Mr.Ambassador said that “For three decades now, the United States has been supporting Hepca (Hurghada Environmental Protection & Conservation Association) in its mission to raise awareness of the importance of environmental conservation in the Red Sea area. This facility, which has so many spectacular features, enables Egyptians of all ages to come and learn about the important marine diversity here in the Red Sea.” about the Red Sea wonder museum. This Red Sea wonder museum provides an introduction about the Red Sea ecosystem and biodiversity and the culture of local communities, with divided sections for: human and cultural diversity, geological origin, diversity of land and marine life, diversity of habitats in the marine ecosystem, and how can we sustain the Red Sea. In light of the stunning Red Sea landscape and its unique reefs, U.S. Ambassador Jonathan Cohen and Director of the U.S. International Development Agency Mission Leslie Reid expressed their appreciation for HEPCA's efforts to preserve this exceptional area. As HEPCA and USAID worked together in multiple projects that aimed to protect marine life, empower local communities, restore reef programs, install moorings, and ecotourism.

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