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Magawish Island Clean Up – 16th November 2012

Magawish Island Clean Up – 16th November 2012


A date for your diaries! Friday November 16th 2012 On the 6th of March 2012, HEPCA in association with Tetra Pak Egypt scheduled a clean-up on Magawish Island. It was a great team effort with outstanding results and amazing involvement from Tetra Pak Egypt. As successful as the clean up turned out, Magawish Island still needs lot of work. Due to the currents, tidal flow and location of Magawish Island it acts like a filter for the flotsam and jetsam that has found its way into our Red Sea waters either ac... cidentally or more frequently as a result of carelessness and ignorance. The level of long-term rubbish that had accumulated over the years in the bays is a great cause of concern. Half buried ropes, large pieces of wood, huge quantities of glass in addition to the expected high volume of plastic bottles, bags and packaging still lie there. Thanks to Tetra Pak and its desire for more involvement to help the conservation of our natural resources in the Red Sea area, this time we are bringing out the big guns. With the sponsorship of Tetra Pak , assistance and support of the Egyptian Navy, the National Parks of the Red Sea and a work force from HEPCA's solid waste management department, we intend to clean every inch of the island. The Navy will be providing a barge which will allow the transfer of 2 loaders onto Magawish Island in order to tackle the large and deeply imbedded pieces. Workers from HEPCA will assist in this and also work with special shovels to remove the deposits of oil accumulated in corners of the bay. The loaders and barge will also assist in the transfer of the collected rubbish away from the island. But this will only be a part of the effort – we need YOU too! The lighter but plentiful plastic bottles, bags and aluminium cans also need to be picked up and this is where our army of volunteers comes in. HEPCA is inviting volunteers for a SHORE-BASED clean up. A boat will take volunteers from the New International Marina to Magawish Island departing at 10am on Friday 16th November and returning around 4pm. Arrival at the Marina can be anytime after 9.30am. When you arrive at the Marina please make your way to the third gate at the north end of the marina (closest to the new mosque) and look for the HEPCA banner. From there one of our team members will direct you to the boat which will take you directly to Magawish Island. To get a reasonably accurate idea about how many people will be participating in the island-cleanup and to organize logistics it is important that you ONLY click “ATTENDING” if you are SERIOUSLY planning to attend this cleanup! If you are not sure yet, please click MAYBE and let us know nearer the time! What you need to bring: - Shoes to wear on the beach - Hat/cap to protect your head from the sun - Gloves if possible (gardening style gloves are perfect) - Something to eat (water will be provided) - Swimming costume and towel – you may need a cool-off dip - Don’t forget to use sun cream! And last but by no means least... - A smile and a positive attitude – we are going to have fun! We would also like to invite dive centres, and their staff and guests, to join us for an underwater clean up around the island. Feel free to join us at anytime throughout the day, maybe an extra 3rd dive or a quick lunchtime dip. If you are not able to dive in the Magawish area on that day – then by all means join us by cleaning up the dive site where you are! Regardless of where you are cleaning please send photos and a short account of your dive so that we can post a full account of the day. The sustainable future of our planet relies on a clean and healthy ocean. Do not think that you can only do “a little” and that it will make no difference. Every little bit does make a difference and you can be a part of it! Please share this event as widely as possible and we look forward to seeing you on November 16. If you have any questions – please email denise@hepca.org or call the office on 065 344 5035 and ask for Denise. Please note that children 15 years and under must be accompanied by an adult. Also, there is no shade on the island and the sun can still be strong at this time of year, so please bear this in mind when bringing younger children. This event is being organised in cooperation between HEPCA, Tetra Pak, the Egyptian Navy, the National Parks of the Red Sea and the Red Sea Governorate

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