13 Oct2012

KQB and HEPCA: “Discovering Life From the Blue”

KQB and HEPCA: “Discovering Life From the Blue”


KQB Keep Quseir Beautiful in collaboration with HEPCA organized a week of activities known as “Life from the Blue” from 2-6 September 2012 for schoolchildren in the Red Sea town of Al Quseir. The subject was the fragility of the environment both on land and at sea and the relationship between them. The aim was for the children to learn to love, care for and protect their sea. Lectures, games, competitions, and craft projects were organized on the following topics: Dangers to the Red Sea Environment, Cetaceans of the Red Sea, the Food Chain, Corals and Coral Bleaching. The children also conducted experiments to visualize the effects of oil spills and ocean acidification. During the food chain lecture, the children had a chance to observe the smallest organisms under microscopes. A day at the sea was included where children learnt basic snorkeling skills, and experienced, many for the first time, the underwater world. “Life from the Blue” was led by Anjelika Abou Issa, a biologist and educationalist, assisted by Mohamed Ismail, and local volunteers from Ro'ya organization. The enthusiastic volunteers were trained a week previously to guide children thorough the discussed topics and conduct lectures on their own, as well as having fun with kids playing educational games. A sense of whimsy and humor was used throughout activities to convey the serious message of environmental conservation. In the final competition it was clear that we reached our goal. The children answered question after question with enthusiasm in having this newly-acquired knowledge. Learning is fun. More pictures from the event are available on the HEPCA and KQB facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/KQB-Keep-Quseir-Beautiful/154603444610258?sk=photos_albums).

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