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HEPCA's has built its foundation and platforms on sound research in order to devise practical solutions and to promote sustainability. For this reason, science is embraced to appropriately design, implement, and monitor all its interventions for the purpose of environmental protection and conservation.

The research projects over the last decade have put HEPCA in the forefront of environmental conservation. These projects include in-depth study of marine mammals, sea turtles, sharks, and the coral reef eco-system which have often expanded into campaigns to bring public awareness or initiate conservation-based interventions.

Research: Understanding the What, Why, and How

During the last two decades, the Red Sea living resources have suffered seriously from various human impacts including illogical land use and intensive coastal development, over use of marine resources, overfishing, pollution, and illegal curio trade. Although the extremely high value of Egyptian resources of the Red Sea from ecological and economical point of views is recognized, little attention has been given to the study of living marine resources of the region. It is clear that most research on the Red Sea resources are focused on a short term rather than long term, mainly due to lack of scientific set up including research facilities and accommodation. Though, this is set to completely change with the opening of HEPCA's Marine Research & Visitor Center where its ongoing research projects in Red Sea corals and marine mammals will expand and include many other scientific interventions.


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