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Introduction to conservation considerations in the Red Sea

calendar_monthJanuary 14, 2022

Introduction to conservation considerations in the Red Sea

The environment is an all-inclusive concept, that is comprised of local fauna and flora, human communities, animate and inanimate objects, governing entities, and very recently stakeholders. When all comes into play, new buzzwords erupt into the scene, namely (sustainable development, sustainability, ecotourism/eco-friendly/eco-solutions/eco-anything, climate action, SDGs, climate change, social innovations, zero net, CSR…etc).

Although, the conceptual meanings behind those buzzwords may carry a lot of righteous messages and intents, yet like everything in life, the majority of those good-hearted-eco-friendly-politically-correct-gluten-free meanings get lost in the shuffle, which leaves us- environmentalists and naturalists- in a state of confusion. Addressing the elephant in the room-Conservation- is no run-of-the-mill matter, with the tiniest nuance in any local context could possibly present a 180 degree turn to the process of i.e., conserving a habitat, subduing that “One Solution for All” methodology ineffective.

Conservation has been used lately interchangeably with Environmental Protection and rightly so, the complex interrelationships between protecting an endangered species via proactive restoration and rehabilitation programs need an umbrella of a series of legal decision-making processes aimed at protecting the habitat and its contents.

Consequently, along those lines, Subjective analysis of the whereabouts of the conservation proceedings in the Red Sea will be mentioned in near future, tackling the rise of a new set of factors affecting the environmental protection efforts and the recourses management dilemmas currently facing the biosystem in Egypt’s Red Sea.

The tourism sector, Education, Eco-awareness, local communities’ trends and movements, stakeholders, governance and partnerships, and communication channels with concerning entities, are all key players that shape any conservation quest in the local context of the Red Sea. As self-organization takes place over the years amongst all those key players, leaves us with a “pros-and-cons system”. Therefore, deconstruction of these relationships and patterns will be provided throughout a series of blog posts addressing the former concepts.


Stay tuned !!