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HEPCA installs and maintains mooring buoys throughout the Red Sea - the world's largest mooring system. Physical damage to coral reefs

887Buoys Installed

Solid Waste Management

HEPCA is responsible for the entire solid waste management strategy for Hurghada and the Marsa Alam coastline. The lack of a proper dedicated management strategy in the Red Sea governorate has led to an unacceptable accumulation of waste throughout the entire



HEPCA spearheads community based initiatives aimed at engaging and empowering the Red Sea’s local community. Every day we are witnessing the transformative capabilities of HEPCA’s philosophy as members within our community take on a more active role in conservation.


Public Awareness

HEPCA's platform on public awareness lies in its research and educational campaigns to provide the communities with knowledge and understanding of the interconnections that exemplify the structure of the Red Sea.

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