Hurghada Solid Waste Management Plant

Hurghada Solid Waste Management Plant

HEPCA efforts to sustain the conservation of Red Sea environment was culminated with the inauguration of the recycling plant in Hurghada in an attempt to preserve the Eco system and benefit from managing the Solid Waste of the city that is from 350 – 450 tons a day in the most efficient way.

The recycling plant is equipped with the latest and most advanced and machines used in the Netherlands and Germany, with a capacity of processing 400 tons of solid waste a day to suit the needs of the Red Sea governorate.

The recycling process goes through five fazes, it starts with waste weight, then it goes through filtering room to separate organic products, plastic, metal, and paper. After the filtering each pack is condensed, wrapped, and distributed to reproducing factories within Egypt.

HEPCA’s started the first Solid Waste Management in Hurghada on the 10th February 2011. The first phase entails waste collection from the entire city, HEPCA has committed to assume responsibility for waste collection in Hurghada aiming to expand its activities to encompass a comprehensive solid waste management system to be applied in the Red Sea that includes everything from material recovery, to recycling, to proper disposal and potentially the collection of landfill gas and electricity generation.


  • 1- HEPCA commenced the first phase of this daunting feat of solid waste management in Hurghada February of 2011
  • 2- HEPCA is responsible for the entire solid waste management strategy for Hurghada and the Marsa Alam coastline
  • 3- Madbouly praised the role of HEPCA in protecting the Red Sea with this plant that will be owned by the Red Sea governorate afterwards, highlighting the vital role played by NGOs to serve society, and at the same time, optimize the use of waste and preserve the environment.