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"Protecting Hurghada's Coral Reefs: HEPCA Moorings Team's Dedication in Action

calendar_monthOctober 21, 2023

"Protecting Hurghada's Coral Reefs: HEPCA Moorings Team's Dedication in Action

HEPCA Moorings Team: Protecting Hurghada's Marine Environments

Over the past week, from 16/10 to 21/10, the hardworking team at HEPCA (Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association) has been diligently installing and maintaining moorings in various locations in Hurghada. These important initiatives aim to safeguard the delicate marine environments and minimize damage due to anchoring on coral reefs.

The following locations received attention from the HEPCA moorings team: Abu Galawa, Gotta Abu Galawa, Marsa Abu Galawa, Shabhat Abu Galawa, Erug Eltwael, Erg Game, Erog Talata, Gotta Abu Ramada, Abu Ramada, and Erg Abu Ramada. A total of 16 moorings were installed, while 13 existing moorings were expertly maintained.

Moorings play a vital role in protecting marine ecosystems by providing a secure alternative for boat anchoring. By eliminating the need for anchors, which can cause irreparable damage to fragile coral reefs, moorings allow vessels to remain stationary without disturbing the marine habitats below.

Installations and maintenance efforts conducted by the HEPCA moorings team ensure the continued preservation of Hurghada's vibrant marine life. These locations host an abundance of biodiversity, including colorful coral formations, majestic seahorses, and a myriad of fish species. By protecting these fragile ecosystems, HEPCA ensures that future generations can appreciate and enjoy the beauty of Hurghada's underwater world.