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We Are Coral Champions!

calendar_monthSeptember 15, 2022

We Are Coral Champions!

Celebrating our work to protect Red Sea corals

Proud to be a part of the Lewis Pugh Foundation Coral Champions list among some really inspiring people 

HEPCA is responsible for the world’s largest boat-mooring system to avoid damages caused by anchors, which is one of the biggest threats to fragile coral reefs.

Currently HEPCA is calling for the Great Fringing Reef of the Egyptian Red Sea to be declared as a multiple-use protected area. There is clear scientific evidence that the Great Fringing Reef, which is characterised with high resilience and tolerance to climate change, could be the last refuge for coral reefs worldwide.

HEPCA has submitted a project proposal to establish new artificial coral reef sites, using outdated military equipment, in Egyptian waters. The project’s first aim is to reduce the pressure on the natural coral reefs around Hurghada, where the number of dives at some sites has reached more than 200,000 annually (the recommended carrying capacity is 5,000 - 22,000 dives in a single dive spot).

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