Bleach Watch Egypt 2023 - 2024

Bleach Watch Egypt 2023 - 2024

The stunning coral reefs of the Red Sea face a growing threat: coral bleaching. In 2023, a severe bleaching event swept across the Egyptian coast, prompting a comprehensive study led by Prof. Mahmoud H. Hanafy and Dr. Muhammad Y.A. Dosoky. Their report, Bleach Watch Egypt - February 2024, delves deep into the event's impact, offering crucial insights for understanding and protecting these vital ecosystems.

Key Findings:

Persistent Bleaching: Similar to 2012 and 2020, the northern Red Sea remained largely unaffected, while areas south of Qusier City experienced severe bleaching, peaking south of Marsa Alam.
Species Sensitivity: Porites, Montipora, Stylophora, and Millepora were highly susceptible, while Pocillopora and Acropora fared better.
Surprising Resilience: Even the most sensitive species showcased remarkable recovery, suggesting adaptation to heat stress.
Heat Wave Impact: The extended heatwave exacerbated bleaching compared to previous events, potentially signaling a worrying trend.
Intriguing Questions:

While the report sheds light on the 2023 bleaching event, several mysteries remain. Why are Red Sea corals more tolerant than others? Traditional explanations like evolution or genetics seem inadequate. The authors propose a bold hypothesis: the unique hydrodynamic patterns of the northern Red Sea might offer protection from bleaching.

Importance of the Report:

This report, part of HEPCA's Red Sea resource status updates, serves as a crucial tool for:

Understanding: Unveiling the distribution, species sensitivity, and recovery potential of bleached corals.
Protection: Informing management strategies to safeguard these ecologically and economically vital reefs.
Future Preparedness: Helping us anticipate and mitigate the growing threat of heatwaves and bleaching events.
Join the Conversation:

The fight to protect our coral reefs requires collective action. Share this report, discuss its findings, and explore ways to contribute to a healthier Red Sea for generations to come
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    Bleach Watch Egypt 2023 - 2024

    This report delves into the Coral Bleaching Event of 2023 on the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea, uncovering its distribution, sensitivity of different coral species, and the potential for recovery. Authored by Prof. Mahmoud H. Hanafy and Dr. Muhammad Y.A. Dosoky, it serves as HEPCA's Periodic Report on Coral Reefs Status.