Hafafit Wells Project

HEPCA's resolve in regard to the community has resulted in a wide range of programs to supplement where appropriate the disadvantaged sector of the community especially the Bedouins where the primary economic activity of Bedouins is animal husbandry by natural graze and shepherding of sheep, goats, and camels. During the years of the draught was extremely arduous for the locals of the region as the lack of water and food for their livestock was almost non-existent.

In response to this, HEPCA's Solid Waste Management Project established an organic waste initiative that diverts the segregated organic waste to the Bedouins for livestock feed. Up to 40% of the solid waste collected in the south is organic waste and thankfully is not disposed as waste but used as sustenance.  As well, HEPCA's Hafafit Wells Project provided the digging up of 30 wells that are pumped by solar energy as another source of clean water in deep southern region of the Red Sea.