Jazz Hotel Group (JHG) TOT for environmental and front offices about mainstreaming ecoawareness

As a part of our civic commitment and duties and our strong belief in togetherness as the only way to combat climate change, saving life on land and below water.
Our fruitful collaboration with Jaz Hotel Group sprouted in-depth Training of Trainers (TOT) session(s) to raise the eco-awareness and build the capacity of the guest and hospitality personnel for the tailored #climateaction in the Red Sea ecosystem.

Environmental sciences nowadays are considered a crucial topic that we all need to understand and apply. Since the rise of the human population and the high consumptive rate of each of us, we consider our role in making such a simple way to explain environmental sciences hands-on and on the field. 

In Egypt, we are facing a lot of environmental challenges in different habitats: climate change events, habitat destruction, extinction, pollution, and over-exploitation of resources. All these events make us rethink again about what we should do to support the environmental system in Egypt and promote awareness of sustainability that will, in turn, shape the public mind and mobilize pro-environmental behavior. 

HEPCA is working on achieving sustainable development goals along the Red sea coast especially for life underwater and life above water, no poverty, climate action. With a building system that aligns with cultural context to help the community work with us toward goals achievement. Currently, we are feeling an urge toward making quality education about the Red Sea for the public. We are building a curriculum that will be applied in our educational institutions that will build future marine leaders who will be working in different fields related to ocean sciences.