Red sea without plastic initiative

HEPCA implemented the first part of the community engagement with the publicity of the NO TO PlASTIC campaign and the environmental education initiatives with taking care of the geographic proximity of the Red sea and this part of partnerships and coalitions encourages public participation and building the grassroots for combating bad practices in waste management. This part targeted +5000 individuals from the local community, blue-collar, women, and public school students where they all collated and learned more about recycling and the impact of plastics, and the urgency of implementing a proper waste management system.

HEPCA started to progress with the project objective regarding community engagement in municipal solid waste management via cleanups, awareness campaigns, and outreach programs. Regarding clean up campaigns, education, and awareness, HEPCA achieved the following: 

  1. In total there are +36 beach Clean-up events for Beach and Underwater clean-ups during the period of Nov. 2020 to Sept. 2021. More than 100 tons of solid waste was collected including 40 tons of PET. Through These clean-up events, more than 2000 participants from 20 different entities (diving industrial sector, schools, and community) attended the 36 clean-up campaigns.

  2. Approximately 20 physical Awareness workshops about wastes and +15 online awareness content to be available for waste education (Nov. 2020-Sept. 2021). A total of +400 attendees joined these events included students, hotels staff, divers, and the local community, and the reach for online awareness appeared in the matrix from the pages 

  3. Approximately, 30 Outreach programs with different entities to engage more about solid waste management and know more about recycling and the impact of plastic pollution on marine animals with different entities on the topic of Solid Waste Management, conscious use of plastic, recycling, and impacts of PET plastic on marine life (Nov. 2020- Sept. 2021). In total, approximately +1000 attendees/views Participated in these programs.