Vocational Training for Diving Instructors

Diving Instructors Vocational Training

The USAID LIFE – Red Sea Sustainable Growth II Project is a U.S. Government-funded project USAID/Egypt implemented in coordination with HEPCA. The project seeks to raise the standard of living within the southern Red Sea, all the while promoting environmental conservation and awareness.

During the months of May and June 2017 and Under the LIFE – Red Sea Sustainable Growth II Project, HEPCA have provided over 70 local dive guides with the Marine Conservation and Environmental Awareness Training Course. The training is designed to ensure the region’s competitiveness on the world tourism market in an environmentally conscious manner.

The Marine Conservation and Environmental Awareness Training Course included lectures on the following:

- The Red Sea,history, formation and importance

- Main marine ecosystems of the Red Sea

- Coral reefs, diversity, Ecology, structures, Threats and conservation

- Sea-Grass beds Ecology, Threats and conservation

- Mangroves Ecology, Threats and conservation

- Reef fish

- Sharks and rays of the Red Sea, Threats and conservation

- Marine turtles, Threats and conservation

- Main threats to the Red Sea; Overfishing, marine pollution, Coastal development, - - - Climate Change

- Human Impact, Environmental Rules and Regulations, codes of conduct and best practices

- Customers Engagement and Citizen Science